You Can Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans make you more comfortable in all seasons using less energy.

Ceiling fans work in the summer by moving air across your skin, which helps you feel cooler. In winter, fan direction can be reversed to pull cool air up to the ceiling, where it mixes with and distributes warm air more evenly in a room. In both cases, the fan reduces the need to run an air conditioner or furnace, saving you money and making you more comfortable at the same time.

Installing a ceiling fan is pretty straightforward. Just remember to shut power off to the circuit where you'll be working.

Attach the mounting plate to the ceiling. Ceiling fans can be heavy; make sure to anchor the plate into the drywall and through a joist. Next, hang the ceiling fan motor temporarily on the hook so you can make the electrical connections.

Mount the motor to the plate and secure the ceiling trim. Next, install the fan blades. Then, attach the light shroud. Plug in the connector and install the light. The finishing touch is the frosted light lens. Don't forget to turn the power back on.

Newer fans come with remote control, which can save the extra work of installing a wall switch. An efficient LED light will also help you save energy.

With a few tools and a little know-how, you can install a ceiling fan to make your home more comfortable and efficient.